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Most beautiful villages in france in Dordogne

Les Plus Beaux Villages de France

Nowhere else in France is there such a concentration of villages which have this title of « Plus beaux villages de France”. There are 9 of them  along the Dordogne Valley.

Les Plus Beaux Villages de France





La Roque Gageac


Belvès, medieval fortified village perched on a rocky promontory. Despite the havoc of the 100 years war, it has managed to preserve relics of its built heritage: a covered market, medieval
houses, towers, spiers, magnificent church paintings,and cave dwellings with a unique situation right in the centre of the village.




Beynac is on the banks of the Dordogne. Its sublime imposing castle which seems to be balancing 70 meters high on its rock cliff dominates the river Dordogne. It is surrounded by 15th»lauze» stone slab-roofed houses. This stunning village seems in complete harmony with the environment.





Castelnaud overhangs the confluence between the Dordogne and the Céou rivers in an exceptional landscape. It has 2 castles:a medieval castle, Museum of War in Middle Age as well
as the Milandes castle, former property of Joséphine Baker.




Domme, bastide town perched on a breathtaking high cliff, with the most exceptional view of the Dordogne valley+neighbouring beautiful villages of La Roque-Gageac/Beynac. It has been built on a lime rock hiding a 400m high cave filled with the most stunning stalactites and stalagmites, adding a touch of magic to this exceptional site with a rich historical past.



La Roque Gageac

The village, at the foot of a cliff, has little streets with renaissance houses hidden in exotic vegetation leading to a cliff-hugging little church. On board of the famous «gabares», enjoy the panoramic view of the village.


Classified as « one of the most beautiful village in France », Monpazier will seduce you with its medieval charm. A real little gem in the southwest.



Limeuil is the meeting point of the Dordogne and Vézère rivers. It has lived through Viking invasions and the Hundred Year’s war, its 3 fortified gates being witness to this tumultuous past. Steep lanes,beautiful church, labyrinth of little shops, and medieval architecture.




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